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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

The life circumstances and the work situation for a lot of people all around the world is unfortunately on a very low level. But instead of helping these poor people, lots of agencies, companies, facebook groups etc. try to get money out of this situation.

It is too often the case that people offer jobs without having them. They only want to cheat or to use the poor people for their benefit.

Just recently I had the situation that an admin of a facebook group told me that she doesn’t want to support the help for poor people. The group is one of the biggest housemaid facebook groups in the UAE and it is written that they want to support. But in reality they don’t. They even don’t want.

So please - be careful with your data, with your words and also with your personal issues. If you need to speak about it or if you are in need of help or a job - try to meet your agency personally. Not in facebook! Check if they have a homepage and a clear face behind the name. It is to protect yourself.

Another recommendation: do not work without working contract, without visa or with wrong visa. It is illegal and nobody will support you in case you get caught. Try to change the status legally.

In case you want to find your employer through us, send us an email or a private message. We are open to meet personally and to plan your future as best as we can.

Thank you!

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